Carpet Repairs Melbourne Areas

From time to time, accidents happen to carpets that require surgical removal of the affected area and an implant put in its place. Carpet burns caused by iron burns, cigarette burns, rips and tears, pet damage, damaged seams, bleach marks, stubborn stains. We specialise in "bonded insert" repairs and are able to make those unsightly areas disappear.

Ripples in carpet left to go for too long, can soon become not only an unwanted step in the room, but can also weaken the integrity of the carpet and eventually split. We can re-stretch carpet as flat as the day it was laid. Ripples can occur for a number of reasons from poor installation methods to varying differences in Relative Humidity. Carpet should be re-stretched so that the life of your carpet is extended.

If you need new carpet, we can install it. Our carpet installation technicians install carpet using power-stretchers, ensuring your carpet is installed correctly and will not ripple after a couple of weeks!

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